Support Me

I am an observational painter working in Massachusetts.
I teach online lessons through Skype. I am on a mission to break the massive economic barriers that dominate contemporary art practice and access. Any support you can give will allow me to continue making artwork and to develop my craft even further. Email for all inquiries. Support comes in many forms, feel free to reach out and just chat!

Patrons get access to private workshops and zoom events every month!


I am selling my artwork. Every $100 made, $33 will be given directly to an individual in need. Works are unframed and will be mailed through standard USPS from my local box.

Over the last few months of streaming, I have accumulated a large inventory of drawings and paintings. I struggle with understanding the commerce and exclusivity of traditional art forms, galleries and sales. Through lowering the financial barrier to those who might be interested in owning a work of mine, I want to be able to contribute a substantial amount of its value to people; individuals restricted in some way from participating in the current, mostly inescapable, capital system to the level I am fortunate enough to be able to. 

creating is a constant need, sustenance is a constant need, housing is a constant need, therapy is a constant need, access is a constant need, PPE is a constant need, healthcare is a constant need, material is a constant need, time is a constant need, education is a constant need and dependents exponentially increase these needs. Money is a constant need. We as a community have the means to create economic equity in small increments, to help people sustain their basic needs. This starts close to home, with neighbors and peers with needs greater than my own. To take steps towards reparations. To hoist those disenfranchised by the system that constantly forgives me.